Myttin Da! (Good Morning)
We hope that you had a good nights sleep and are ready to start the day with our breakfast which will be served in the kitchen which is situated on the first floor. You have a choice: cereals, museli and granola made by Jenny; fruit salad; traditional Farmhouse breakfast with local sourced ingredients; Smoked salmon, homemade sweet waffle and filled croissants, are among the options that we have on our breakfast menu.

Evening Menu

If you would like to stay in and relax with a bottle of something then feel free to look at our evening meal menu (Please order in the the morning).

Beef Lasange
Cottage Pie
Beef in ale casserole
Steak and Tribute Pie

Chicken and bacon pasta shells
Chicken Korma
Farmhouse chicken pie

Cornish fish pie topped with mash potato
Fried fish in batter with chips and peas

Braised pork with apple and dumplings

Veg Cottage Pie
Bean casserole
Broccolli and stilton Pie

Homemade very yummie puddings also available

Please be food allergies aware (Menu subject to availability).